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Mechanical analysis we take a very close look!

High demands are placed on the safety and reliability of batteries in Germany and worldwide. Therefore, the mechanical analysis of the manufacturing quality as well as possible reasons for failure is important and can be further detailed by a battery opening (tear down) in addition to the electrical test. In this process, the components are systematically inspected and removed individually.

We take a close look - what's inside?

  • Dokumentation der Batteriedaten (Nenndaten)
  • Documentation of battery data (nominal data)
  • Visual inspection (alternatively: visual inspection)
  • Highly precised weight measurement
  • Measurement of acid density of individual cells
  • Immediate documentation via computer
  • Opening of the battery using a special band saw
  • Measurement of individual cell voltages
  • Removal of the cell packs
  • Detailed examination of the individual parts such as connectors, grids, masses etc.
  • Precise protocol and documentation of the results

Mechanical opening to analyze manufacturing quality or possible reasons for failure. We look closely – The components of batteries are removed to check what is really in them.

Documentation of the results:
The results are provided as a detailed report of findings with picture documentation of all important details. In addition, we offer the analysis results in printed form or as an electronic PDF document.

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