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Electrical analysis we determine the actual product quality

During electrical analysis, the batteries are tested both according to applicable standards and special customer specifications. Our claim is to set standards for quality - for this purpose we use innovative measurement technology. This allows us to test and evaluate the quality of the batteries by testing various factors.

We enable standardized and individual test procedures such as:

  • Documentation of the initial condition (electrical and mechanical)
  • Performance measurements according to your specifications or given standards (IEC, EN, DIN, factory standards)
  • Capacity, high current, cycle/lifetime tests, etc.
  • Use of state-of-the-art computer-controlled test equipment (see Technology/Equipment)

After completion of the test, the results are automatically documented in detail. Protocols with curves (graphical representations) and tables reach our customers promptly as PDF files or in printed form.

Electrical testing to standards and special customer specifications. We set high standards for quality – with innovative measurement technology.

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